Power Safety and Quality Lab
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  The team focuses on the research and application of safe operation of power system and power quality assurance technology. Over the years, the team has continued in-depth application of basic research and extensive technical cooperation, involving the dynamic behavior of power systems and stability mechanism, stability quantitative analysis technology of power system and its application, on-line coordinated control technology of power system and its application, emergency control technology of power system in the extreme external environment, power quality monitoring and status estimation technology, interference user hazard assessment technology, power pollution source operation analysis and positioning technology, new power quality analysis device, grid-connected DGcoordinatedoperation technology, multi-scale digital simulation and modeling technology.

Team leader is Dr. and Professor Shao Zhenguo who has long-term theoretical research and engineering practice in the fields of power system security and power quality. The team has 4 teachers, 3 of whom have intermediate and senior professional titles, 3 doctoral students, and 9 graduate students.

The team has undertaken 5 projects of National Natural Science Foundation and Provincial Natural Science Foundation. The team won the third prize of patent of Fujian Province in 2014, the third prize of science and technology of Fujian Province in 2013, the second prize of patent of State Grid Corporation in 2012 and the third prize of outstanding technological innovation achievement of Fujian Province in 2010. The team has been authorized 6 patents of invention and 6 patents of utility model, which have been popularized and applied. The team has long-term strong technical cooperation with the State Grid Power Science Research Institute and the State Grid Power Quality Analysis Laboratory. So far, it has completed the horizontal project with funds of more than 5 million. Meanwhile, it also participates in the formulation of relevant power quality standards.