The Department of Power Engineering
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The Department of Power Engineering’s predecessor was Power Engineering and Automation, which was born along  with the establishment of Fuzhou University. Through the endeavors over fifty years, the department has experienced a rapid development and trained thousands of technical and management elites in the field of power engineering, especially after the former Ministry of Electric Power joined the running of the department.

There are 17 teachers in the department, of which 4 are professors, another 4 are associate professors, 1 is senior engineer and the rest 8 are lecturers. Due to the  efforts of all stall members in the department, the teaching quality, experimental conditions and level of scientific research have improved significantly.  “Teaching Prize of Fuzhou University” has been awarded to the teachers of the department twice. Besides, one of the faculties has won the title of “Outstanding Teacher”. 2 monographs, 1 textbook of postgraduate and 4 textbooks of undergraduate have been published so far.

Laboratories having been established include the dynamic simulation lab of power system, the physical simulation system of distribution network, the automation lab of power system, the relay protection lab of power system, the digital simulation lab of power system, the lab of high voltage and insulation, etc. The department has undertaken a quantity of projects supported by national or provincial Natural Science Foundation as well as the Key Plan of Science and Technology projects of Fujian Province. The horizontal and vertical funds of scientific research have been accumulated to more than twenty million. About 100 of the papers written by the staffs and students in the department have been included by EI and SCI. One third-class of Science and Technology Progress Prize of Fujian Province has been awarded to the department. Five stable scientific research teams have been established, which are New Technology Research team of Smart Power Grid, the Optimized Operation of Power System (including the wind power) and Research of Power Market Team, the research team of Safety and Quality Assurance of Power System, Distribution Network and its Automation Team, High voltage and Insulation Technology Team respectively.