Guo Moufa


The associate professor Guo Moufa, who is the director of Power Engineering Department, has worked on the research and application about the new technology of measurement, protection and control in power distribution network. With the combination of power conversion technology of power electronics, intelligent optimization control technology and deep learning technology, in the field of fault identification and restraint for distribution network with its main devices, Guo has led his research team to study plenty of application fundamentals and engineering application of power system. Besides, Guo has taken charge of more than 20 scientific research projects which includes that supported by the National Natural Science Foundation. His over 20 papers have been included by Ei Compendex containing some famous journals, such as Proceedings of The Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, Transactions of China Electrotechnical Society, Automation of Electric Power Systems, Power System Technology, etc. His 2 textbooks have been published by publishing houses and 9 patentfor invention have been authorized so far.


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